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TOEFL essay sample: Different types of music

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Different types of music


   It is said that there are more than 2,000 types of music all over the world. The diversity of music reflects that of each individual. It is important to know about music to understand each other. I cannot help referring that Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson have helped resolving the problem of racial discrimination. So I want to write about music in this essay. There are three types of music: rock, jazz, and punk.

   The first category is rock music. It comes from blues. In the early 1960’s, one of the greatest groups, the Beatles appeared and gave us many exciting songs. Rock musicians use vocals and instruments including guitars, bass guitars, and drums. The feature of rock music is that it tells us some messages like criticism against governments. Rock music is a symbol of counterculture. And, it is simple and easy to sing. So people sometimes sing the songs in karaoke in Japan. Rock music has been of the mainstream because of its great songs, messages, and simple melodies.

   The second category is jazz music. It also comes from blues. There are many famous and outstanding musicians such as Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, and Charlie Parker. Jazz musicians also use guitars, bass guitars, and drums, but the spec of these instruments for jazz are specified for it. Pianos are also one of the important instruments in jazz. Frankly speaking, most jazz tunes have no particular messages. But they impress people with great techniques and inspiring improvisations. Jazz is also popular but not as much as rock. Jazz may be too difficult for everyone to understand its quality. Jazz music is popular with its impressive performance but it is not popular for everyone because of its difficulty.

   The third category is punk music. It comes from rock music. There are also many famous musicians. Sex Pistols is most well known. Punk music is generated from an impulse of destruction. Personally, I like this kind of music best because it blows my mind. The lyrics are against a government, an authority, or ordinary people. They suspect and deny common sense, so some of them are completely untouched by commercialism. Punk is very simple music. Normally, punk musicians use guitars, bass guitars, and drums as thosse of rock do, but they do not care about performance technique so much. They destroy everything even the music. Punk music is loved by some people with their intentional or unintentional disorder.

   In conclusion, music can be divided into three types. Though I classified it into rock, jazz and punk, as I mentioned earlier, music has great diversity. I strongly believe that music has been helping us understand each other.